Ni-kshay adult BCG vaccination follow-up module

Adding Village-level details in Ni-kshay Patient Enrollment Form

Pathodetect - MTB, Rif & Inh

Enhancement of Test and Treatment Page to Capture Type of case and Type of treatment fields

Statement of Expenditure (SoE) form

Feature to capture HWC/Home-based service delivery under PMTBMBA module

Demographic Authentication for ABHA ID Generation

Family Caregiver

Differentiated TB Care module

Ni-kshay Analytics (Self serve BI) Tool

Contract Management & Tracking Tool

ACSM Monthly Report

Monthly Lab Report

Community Support to TB Patients

TB Preventive Therapy Module


Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) workflow in Ni-kshay

Post Treatment Follow Up

Task list

Adverse Event Reporting System

Adherence Summary View (Web and Mobile App)


Contact Tracing

User Management - Merge

Advanced Transfer Function

Unified Patient Page

ART and DRTB Workflow

Joint Supportive Supervision Forms